PhD student in Psychology, Associate Member within APA, Graduate Member within the British Psychological Society, NLP Trainer and Business Coach.

My book

Lead the Way by Persuasion

Leading by influencing is the main subject of the book, influencing genuinely being the key to a prosperous life, to a successful career. The pyramid of persuasion is the simplest tool you can use to gain the best outcome ever, both life and business, to practice the most authentic persuasion process.

Having as role models for influencing, amazing people such as Cleopatra the Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, this book shows you the way to native passion and charisma, inner power and success.

"Lead the Way by Persuasion" teach you how to become a genuine skilled persuader, a powerful leader, to embrace change as an opportunity for growing and development. Perfect for people looking for success, for peace and happiness, this book will move you toward yourself to find the immense driving force that lives inside you, the force that makes the most of your life.

Most importantly, this book brings you the opportunity of exploring your brain by questioning and paying attention to the words and feelings.

"…no matter if you talk about buying, selling, marketing and advertising or even more so, about parenting, you will always go for persuasion and influencing. And if you look for wealth and survival you must be genuine while influencing, you must persuade with passion and love. What is more interesting is that while doing this, you don't have to wonder and worry about the way the brain of the people you influence is working.
You don't have to look for scripts and speeches to sell the proper idea or feeling to the left or to the right hemisphere of the brain, to the left or to the right prefrontal cortex of the brain, you will speak powerfully, genuinely…you will influence!

Influencing is winning over people; it is not about defeating them! Influencing is the grace of the Power and the beauty of the Love that live in the genuine human nature."

Laura Ion

Versuri Incantatoare din Cuvinte Graitoare

Using NLP tools, Laura Ion helped five amazing children to overcome their fears and limited beliefs and create very sensitive poems and beautiful artworks. This volume of poems is like a "marvelous war against limited beliefs", it represents the revival of the native, powerful inner voice of these children, born to be smart and fearful.

The process was very simple: she modeled the way she created poems, then she gave the model to the children so they can create poems too. This model is inside the book, so anyone interested in writing poetry, can start by playing around this model. That's just the beginning!

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